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Martina Franca

Castellana Grotte

Polignano a Mare

 Noci, Alberobello, Locorotondo, Cisternino, Martina Franca, Castellana Grotte, Polignano a Mare 
In this tour of Apulia you will visit a fascinating part of land where art, nature, history and sea live together. In the heart of the so-called "Murgia dei trulli" you will discover Noci, a pretty little town with its typical "gnostre", a stone coutyards closed by three sides and opened by one overlooking the street, a place where people met and talk in the past. At five km from Noci you will find Alberobello, the city of "trulli", typical houses built with dry stones, Unesco site since 1996. Then the caves of Castellana Grotte and Polignano a mare, a suggestive town built on the rocks overlooking the sea. In the area named Itria Valley you will discover the baroque town of Martina Franca with its elegant monuments like the Ducal Palace and the church of San Martino; Locorotondo, which name is due to its circular plan, with its “cummerse”, ancient buildings with slanted roofs and finally Cisternino, known as one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, a classic example of “spontaneous architecture,” with white walls, narrow streets, tiny courtyards, arches and flower filled balconies.

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